HM is a consultancy company and was established in 2003. We have extensive knowledge of coastal modeling and oceanographic measurements. Since the establishment of HM we work with Coastal Engineering Projects. We keep growing and getting loyal clients from all over Brazil.

We started our activities with coastal engineering assessments, using advanced physical and numerical modeling. Nowadays HM offers a comprehensive range of marine services, such as environmental and oceanographic surveys, coastal structures designs, dredging consultancy, aids to navigation and harbor maintenance activities. Our projects are developed by a team of experienced physical oceanographers and coastal engineers who are strongly grounded in coastal process theory and applications.

HM has a remarkable feature. Our specialized and competitive service is based on our long time experience by applying all the latest technologies and service practices of Coastal Engineering. All this expertise and qualifications makes us possible to provide for all our clients a much relevant solution, ensuring great economic savings.

HM has its own professional diving team and manages a small nautical workshop specialized in building small boats and nautical buoys.


Offering State of the Art Technical Services in the Environmental, Harbor and Coastal Engineering.



Being a Leader Company, Recognized for High Quality, Precision and Customer Satisfaction.


Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Reliability and Respect to the Environment Protection.