HM develops works in design, consulting and supervision of dredging.
In the project context, it’s possible to highlight dredging design, equipment definitions, dredging plans, volume calculations and studies for disposal areas.

Through specialized studies, HM seeks to reduce dredging costs to its customers. Studies include: bottom evolution of dredging areas, infilling rates, identifying sources of sediments and sediment transport budgets. Furthermore, operation and equipment are studied in order to optimize the dredging work.

The growing concern about the environment protection has been reflected in dredging operational licenses, which have become more rigid. Dredging licenses considers all dredging aspects, as dredging operation and sediment confining or disposal. HM has been working in dredging cases involving contaminated dredging material, offering solution to safe sediment disposal.

Regarding dredging supervision, HM offers a trained staff to carry out 24/7 inspection on board. Bathymetric surveys are also performed to verify dredging advances.